40% of Disability Claims are Related to Mental Health

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Harvard Business Review has revealed that employers can actually save money by implementing a Wellness Program as part of their business structure. The costs saved by investing in an employee’s health can be profound in areas like decreased costs of health care and absenteeism. Strategically designed, Wellness Programs should provide a company with $2.71 return for every dollar spent. However, many employers either do not have any Wellness Programs or have Employee Assistance Programs that are not effective.

The advancements in society today have shifted from being physical to a more technical / technology-based culture. This development of the tech savvy society has altered how we communicate and has found to actually impact people’s emotional well-being in a negative way; in fact, 40% of disability claims are related to mental health conditions. A solution to address and prevent this is to provide a program that is based on the actual need of an employer with emphasis on a person’s needs at work as well as outside his / her work environment. A Health Risk Assessment is a must for having an effective Employee and Family Wellness Program – a program that meets the needs of both employers and employees as well as their immediate family members in a proactive manner not in a reactive way.

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