75% of Doctor Visits are Related to Stress

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In fact, stress causes 60% of all human illness and disease.
In addition, stress costs money. America spends $300 billion a year in stress-related medical bills and lost productivity, earning stress the title as “health epidemic of the 21st century“.

For Stress Awareness Month, here are a few things you can start doing immediately to combat stress:
1. Buy A Stranger A Cup Of Tea
Good deeds make you feel good, but it also reduces stress levels. Researchers have found a ‘helper’s high‘ kicks in when performing acts of kindness. There is an increase in protective antibodies as well as higher levels of oxytocin, the ‘happy hormone’, which has been known to lower blood pressure and stress hormones.

2. Cuddle With A Pup
Pets can relieve tension on a regular basis. Studies found that patients who interacted “with a dog before [an] upcoming operation experienced a 37 percent reduction in their anxiety levels.” It can boost immunity, combat depression, and lower blood pressure as well.