75% of Doctor Visits Are Related to Stress

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Stress is a natural accompaniment to life but, in excess, statistics show that stress is consuming good health, money and productivity.

When cortisol is released, it increases your blood sugar and alters your immune system. An excess of cortisol can affect your body’s reproductive and growth processes, as well as your digestive system. Stress has been found to increase appetite, leading to overeating and, if the stress continues, cortisol may remain at an elevated amount.

40% of stressed people overeat or eat unhealthy junk. 44% lose sleep every night, which directly affects the immune system and contributes to weight gain. Stress increases your risk of heart disease by 40%, your risk of heart attack by 25%, and your risk of stroke by 50%.

In addition, stress costs money. America spends $300 billion a year in stress-related medical bills and lost productivity, earning stress the title as “health epidemic of the 21st century“.

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