Workplace Training

With its reputation for high quality, outcome-based services, EFR is looked to for its expertise in developing the needs of new supervisors and experienced managers. Our workplace consultants offer professional training and education seminars covering a wide range of issues impacting productivity in today’s workplace. These seminars are offered in a variety of training formats including on-site sessions and live webinars, with a combination of lecture, discussion, experiential exercises, and/or visual aids to provide flexible, mobile, and cost-effective training.

Our Experienced Team
EFR’s team of seasoned, Master-degreed training professionals will offer practical knowledge and experience drawn from a wide range of disciplines pertinent to the emerging needs of your workforce including, human resources, organization, leadership and team development, conflict management, mental health awareness and violence prevention, wellness, and behavioral health.

In 2012, EFR responded to requests for topical training assistance from over 40 different employers, including city and county governments, State of Iowa agencies, schools, colleges and universities, health care facilities, financial institutions, insurance companies, and manufacturers. During this same period, EFR consultants conducted 60 onsite trainings, attended by 2,029 supervisors and employees.

EFR’s Training Approach
Let EFR bring an innovative focus to your organization’s training design. EFR’s training approach, featuring the practical application of learned skills via classroom learning and individual coaching follow-up, will return dividends when and where it counts, day in and day out, on the job, long after the classroom experience ends.

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