Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

For over 45 years, EFR has helped hundreds of organizations reach their fullest potential by providing Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services to help employees and management perform at their best.

Our EAP is a worksite-based benefit that helps companies, management, employees and family members with issues affecting their day-to-day work performance and health.

Our management consultation, management referral and crisis response will help management engage underperforming employees, respond to crises and handle other key human resource issues. These tools help both new and experienced leaders succeed in their roles. Dedicated EAP consultants, EAP promotional materials, webinars and available training, leadership coaching and mediation services are designed to help you achieve organizational/leadership success.

Our confidential EAP services can help employees facing life challenges including (but not limited to) stress, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, substance use, legal and financial concerns, or how to best support elderly loved ones. Licensed counselors provide 24/7 phone support and face-to-face appointments nationwide, at locations convenient to employees’ work and homes.

In addition to counseling, financial consultation, legal consultation, and elder care all help your employees utilize their strengths to find solutions and maintain appropriate work – life balance.  With work – life balance, they are healthier and more productive.

A New Value Proposition

At the very core of any EAP is the understanding that employees with behavioral health and emotional well-being issues are as likely to struggle in their jobs as well as in their homes. Contemporary EAPs, however, have focused on being in the counseling business rather than in the business of improving workplace productivity using behavioral health expertise. From that perspective, the focus is on what services are being provided as opposed to what outcomes can be expected.

In other words, the focus should be on achieving change and not solely on how it was achieved. To use an analogy, consumers are only mildly interested in whether the service is better at one national retailer or another but are passionate about understanding the actual value of their purchase. And when it comes to selecting an EAP, the decision is often based on perceived value—typically a balance between cost and expected benefits and results [Read More]

Here is what corporate clients say about our EAP:

  • "The services that EFR provides are of the highest professional quality and delivery. EFR is diligent in the performance of their duties and they ensure that lines of communication are open and clear. They are organized, efficient and provide a very comprehensive approach to meeting the needs of our employees."

      - Iowa Department of Administrative Services (DAS)

  • “Iowa State Bank has contracted with Employee & Family Resources (EFR) for over 22 years. Our experiences have always been very positive. EFR offers employees and their families the assurance that their situations are confidential and will not be shared with their employer. We have also used EFR’s supervisor training and the management referral program to help employees and managers though difficult situations that impact job performance and behaviors in the workplace. This option has proven to be an effective tool for the employee and manager. We commend EFR for their high quality programs and staff.”

      - Iowa State Bank

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