Financial Security

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A successful executive recently stated, “Making the adjustment to retirement (financial independence) is one of the most difficult transitions facing Americans.” This is a clear, simple perspective that true retirement cannot occur without financial independence. Having a financial plan that instills confidence can give you the freedom to focus on all of the other elements of a successful life at this age, while preparing for retirement, when or if you choose. Without it, each of the other elements can be much more of a struggle and the choices severely restricted.

Your individualized financial plan should include projected needs and resources. Consider at least these issues or assets.

  • Social security and pension
  • Savings and investments
  •  Work earnings
  •  Health care coverage

Each of us needs a life plan, a clear vision of the big picture. For most of us, great benefit is found in obtaining professional guidance so that the major pieces of our financial lives fit together easily and comfortably. If you’re looking for a financial professional, here are some important questions to ask candidates:

1. What is your background and past financial services experience?

2. What type of professional education/advanced credentials do you have? What licenses do you have, and in what geographic areas (states; provinces) are you licensed?

3. Tell me about your support team. Who assists you? Whom do I contact if you are unreachable?

4. Describe your typical client. Is this “typical client” similar or dissimilar to me?

5. How do you service your advice and/or the products/services that I purchase?

6. What does an ongoing relationship look like and what are any ongoing fees or costs?