Employee & Family Resources (EFR) offers programs and services that promote and support well-being to thousands of individuals.

Our mission: to help people manage life’s challenges so that can reach their full potential.

Every day, an individual struggles in our community. They struggle with work, family, school, addiction, mental health and hundreds of other daily challenges. For more than 50 years, EFR has focused its efforts toward the success of individuals and families. By supporting EFR you can help a family in need when they need it most.

Won’t you join us?

How you can help

Donations are an immediate way to make significant impact. But there are also other ways you can help to support the mission of EFR, including providing volunteer support.

Donate – Give a gift that supports those in need of help.
Everyone needs help navigating life’s challenges from time to time and EFR provides such supportive services. Your gift will help EFR continue to provide a safety net for those most in need of help.

Support can be directed to any one of the below efforts. However you chose to give, your gift will make a real difference to those in need.

Annual Campaign
Make a gift though EFR’s annual campaign to support its ongoing operations. You can give your gift directly to EFR or you can give your gift through the Birdies for Charity Program. Your gift will receive (at a minimum) 10% match! Read more about Birdies for Charity or CLICK HERE to make your gift today!

Birdies for Charity
Employee & Family Resources is proud to partner with The Principal Charity Classic Birdies for Charity Program and is seeking pledges based on the number of birdies (one less stroke than Par) made by Champions Tour players during the three-day tournament. 

EFR will receive 100% of every donation collected as well as a 10% match on all pledges (and donations) made to EFR through the program. Matching Funds are sponsored and provided by Sammons Financial Group.

Charities that collect pledges totaling $10,000 will now be eligible for a 15% match, not to exceed $10,000! To learn more about the opportunity to support and maximize your gift to EFR, CLICK HERE

Event or Program Sponsorship

EFR offers sponsorship of its annual events, including its signature event, Every Family Rocks! Music and Movement Festival and its newest, Every Family Rolls bike ride. EFR also welcomes program sponsorship. Click here to learn more.

Planned Gifts
Planned giving is a lasting way to make an impact and has benefits for the giver as well. EFR can help you customize your donation and help find the best plan for you to leave a legacy, giving hope to so many.

In-Kind Donations

The donation of goods or services are essential to any nonprofit organization. Donated materials or volunteer support are often just as valuable as cash contributions. To learn if your contribution is one that would fit the needs of EFR, please contact Leslie Garman, at lgarman@efr.org or (515) 471-2373 prior to your contribution.

Matching Gifts
If your company has a matching gift program, you can increase the impact of your gift to EFR and help even more people. Check with your company to see if they offer such a program. We are happy to help. Please contact Leslie L. Garman, CFRE, Community Engagement Director at (515) 4571-2373 or lgarman@efr.org to learn more.