Improve Employee Engagement Over the Summer Months

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Are your employees in “vacation mode?” Summer is often associated with the last-day-of-school freedom you felt as a child, and chances are your employees are itching to get outside to enjoy the nice weather and soak up the sunshine. While they may be counting down the hours until they can enjoy the longer daylight hours, it is important to reiterate that work needs to be their priority during office hours.

A study by Captivate Network found that productivity drops 20 percent during the summer months. Projects take 13 percent longer to complete and workers are 45 percent more distracted. Here are five employee engagement programs you can implement to keep your employees engaged, motivated and excited to be at work throughout the summer.

  1. Offer Volunteer Opportunities 

    Volunteering is a great way for employees to take a break from their everyday routine and connect with co-workers outside the office. Simply giving employees access to charitable work through their job is an effective way to amp up engagement. Find volunteer events that allow employees to enjoy the outdoors while supporting their local community.

  2. Host a Social Event 

    Bring the fun of summer into the workplace! Host a team barbecue over the lunch hour or get the employees and their families together after work to enjoy the beautiful weather. Include activities for kids and adults, and bring food and games if possible. Keep the events casual and optional.

  3. Start a Summer Sports League or Participate in Local Activities 

    Many cities offer summer leagues for various outdoor sports like softball, volleyball, soccer and basketball. Create a few company teams and invite your employees to join in. There are also more local activities, like yoga in the park, local street fairs and music festivals that your team can partake in together.

  4. Encourage Vacations 

    When employees feel overworked and underappreciated, their work suffers. It’s important for leaders to encourage workers to take vacations. According to Project Time Off, two-thirds of American workers receive negative or mixed messages about taking time off from upper management. Vacation allows employees to clear their minds, relieve stress and regain energy. They will come back to work more productive.

  5. Plan a Retreat for the End of Summer 

    Once employees are settled back into their daily routines and their kids are back at school, find a time to bring everyone together to reinvigorate their goals and refocus them. Planning a company-wide retreat is an excellent way to welcome everyone back, give company updates, and motivate your employees towards accomplishing key company goals before the end of the year.

Do you already have a summer engagement plan? We’re interested in hearing what unique programs and opportunities your organization offers. Contact your EAP Account Manager today, and we’ll share your ideas with our social media followers.