Kindness Counts

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Do you ever find that the conversations you have in your head (we all have those!) are negative and self-defeating? Would you ever utter the words you say to yourself out loud or to someone else? Often times we focus on being kind to others but kindness starts with oneself.

If you’ve ever heard the expression “you are your own worst critic,” you can probably relate. Chances are we are tougher on ourselves than we need to be. Often times we think of what went wrong before what went right or focus on what we consider our flaws when others see them as unique character traits. When you are feeling down, disappointed, or stressed, try coming up with a positive mantra you can repeat quietly or in your mind. Some examples include:

  • Breathe in strength and out weakness
  • I am understanding and compassionate
  • I am a good person who does good things
  • The past has no power over me
  • I am stronger than I believe myself to be

If you need to talk to someone about how you’re feeling, your EAP benefit is just a call away: 800.327.4692