Leadership Coaching

Our leadership coaching philosophy is built upon the premise that no one knows their jobs better than your management team AND no one knows people better than EFR.

As leaders are promoted up through the ranks, many of their challenges will come from the “people” side of their position responsibilities; working with and leading teams to produce outstanding results for their organizations.

That is where EFR’s Leadership Coaching can help. EFR has a successful history of helping employees succeed when faced with personal or professional change. Our business is people and performance. We’ll provide your leaders with unique expertise as they work to develop skills they need to help their teams succeed.

Leadership Coaching Process

  • Consultation — EFR’s Leadership Coaches are always available to discuss your goals for leadership development, including specific challenges or situations facing individual leaders. To ensure Leadership Coaching is the most appropriate tool to meet your needs, we begin with an initial consultation to learn about your organization and its goals, the leader(s) who could benefit from coaching and their development needs.
  • Assignment of Coach — Next, we match your leader with the coach whose background, style and skills can best build rapport with your leader, meet their unique needs and ensure growth and impact. Like EFR, our coaches serve leaders up and down the organizational chart in a variety of businesses and industries. Finding the best coach to motivate your leader towards positive change is an important first step down the road to a successful coaching relationship.
  • Leader Assessment — Once matched with their personal coach, a leader’s development begins with an initial meeting to introduce the process and complete an in-depth assessment of their needs. EFR coaches utilize a variety of evaluation tools and assessments to determine what outcomes will best serve the needs of both the leader and their organization. The results of the assessment process will not only identify areas where improvement could be most impactful, but also what leadership strengths can be leveraged and built upon for future success.
  • Goal Setting & Coaching Plan — A customized coaching-plan will be created from the outcomes identified in the assessment process. The coach will work with your leader to identify two or three significant, measurable goals that they will be held accountable for during the coaching process. With their coach, a timeline for success and milestones will be created by the leader to be submitted and reviewed by their key organization stakeholders throughout the coaching process. Generally the coach and leader will meet more frequently as the engagement is started, and move towards maintenance once goals are met.