Lifting: It’ Does a Body Good

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If you’ve ever taken care of an elder who has osteoporosis or who has suffered a bone-related injury, you know how important it is to keep your bones healthy and strong. What many people don’t know is that bone mass density, or how strong your bones are peaks at age 25, so keeping up with good bone health is super important.

Aging changes many things about the human body. Losing weight is more difficult with hormones shifting and metabolisms slowing. Gaining muscle may take longer than ever. Bone strength decreases as well.

Many people associate bone health with a diet rich in calcium, and more specifically, milk. But there’s something else you can do that will help even more: strength train. Strength training isn’t limited to lifting weights. Any kind of body-weight resistance will be good for your bones. Whether it’s pumping iron, going for a walk, or finding your down dog, any weight bearing activity will keep your bones healthier and stronger as you age!