Is Mental Health at the Forefront of your Corporate Wellness Program?

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It’s no secret that healthy workers are happier and more productive. Corporate wellness programs are great for shaping your employees’ well-being. Many employers have found them to be a preventative solution to rising health issues and healthcare costs. Yet, there is one component of holistic health that many wellness programs don’t fully address – and that is mental health.

As Mental Illness Awareness Week comes to an end, this “missing piece of the puzzle” in your corporate wellness could be what your organization needs to reach its wellness goals. Doctors once thought the link between mental and physical health was purely behavioral. Today, research has found that many mental illnesses can cause physical ailments as well.

One main concern is the link between mental illness and obesity. There are a disproportionate number of people with mental illness who are obese compared to the general population. According to the Psychiatric Advisor, there is a spectrum of factors that contribute to the link between obesity and mental illness. Mental illnesses can cause obesity as a result of medication effects, hormone imbalances and behavioral issues that result from psychiatric disorders. In turn, obesity has debilitating effects on both physical and mental health and can lead to a mental illness as a result of poor self-image and physical illnesses.

Due to the link between obesity and mental health, a 2016 study conducted by the World Health Organization found that depression was a strong predictor of heart disease. Other studies have found depression is linked to an increased risk of stroke, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.

For organizations looking for a wellness solution that covers all facets of total well-being, look no further than Employee & Family Resources (EFR). Through its integrated EAP and Wellness program, EFR provides:

  1. Employee Assistance Program to support mental and emotional well-being
  2. Wellness planning and evaluation for your organization to develop a culture of wellness
  3. Biometric screenings to help identify and reduce risk among your employees

When partnering with EFR, your organization will have all its wellness resources in one location and a wellness program that integrates the EAP benefit. Contact EFR for more information at 877-883-1387.