EAP/SAP Counseling Intern

Department:            Workplace Services
Reports To:             EFR Clinical Manager

Purpose: EFR’s counseling intern will be a valued member of EFR counseling staff in order to gain clinical experience required for graduate programming, which includes: Deliver high quality, customer centric clinical, work/life, and consulting services to eligible clients; serving both employee/employer and student/administration needs to provide positive outcomes to workplace and school performance.  Provide mental health and substance abuse assessments and make necessary referrals for services, as appropriate.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

In-Person Services:

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Provide in-person assessment, referral and brief counseling to children, adults, couples, and families.
  • Student Assistance Program (SAP).Provide individual and group counseling for elementary through secondary aged children for partnering school districts. Up to two days of onsite(partner schools) counseling.
    • Comply with EFR standards related to quality, effective and ethical clinical practice and appropriate clinical case documentation.
    • Complete case data timely, appropriately and accurately related to file documentation in electronic and hard files.
    • Collect quality assurance and outcome information.


  • Compliance with all applicable EFR policies and procedures including HIPAA, privacy and security
  • Perform other duties as requested by supervisor or other administrative personnel
  • Customer Service: Provide prompt and professional services to internal and external customers at all times. Be a positive contributor to the WPS Team
  • Serve as a role model by representing the values of Employee & Family Resources
  • Continuous development of cultural competence
  • Conduct quality substance abuse assessments (screen for other co-occurring needs) and make referrals for treatment or other services that are beneficial for consumers (50%)
  • Collaborate with consumers, treatment care providers, Polk County Sheriff’s office staff, 5th Judicial District Judges/staff as well as other key constituents in the community; utilize corroborative information resources; consult with colleagues or supervisor (18%)
  • Complete clinical documentation in accordance with the State of Iowa licensure standards and other regulatory bodies (22%)
  • Manage assessment caseload, client files and complete peer file reviews
  • Attend bimonthly SAS staff meetings and monthly supervision with SAS supervisor
  • Complete other tasks as assigned by SAS Clinical Manager or Director
  • Practical job related responsibilities include the ability and willingness to:
    • Work well within a team and independently; be flexible with work schedule
    • Complete tasks with accuracy and efficiency
    • Perform tasks/responsibilities in a professional manner
    • Utilize critical thinking skills for ethical decision-making


  • Education: Master’s degree course work completed in a behavioral sciences field.
  • Experience: Clinical experience in human services or behavioral sciences field working with children and families is preferred.
  • Skills:
  • Ability to learn new technology and demonstrate competency with Microsoft Office
  • Excellent verbal and written communication
  • Self-directed and ability to work with minimal supervision
  • Customer centric service delivery