Patients with Diabetes are 2x as Likely to Suffer from Depression

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Depression and diabetes distress have been linked to worsening outcomes, including poor glycemic control and self-management as well as increased health care costs and mortality. Thus, early recognition and treatment of depression and diabetes distress are essential to achieving optimal goals in the management of depression and in patients’ overall quality of life. It is important to differentiate between true depression and diabetes distress as these conditions require different management approaches.

Overview: Depression and Diabetes Distress
While “depression” is typically used as a catch-all term for mood symptoms in patients with diabetes, it is important to differentiate between depression and diabetes distress.

Depression is a condition in which patients meet at least five of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder, Fifth Edition (DSM-5) criterion for major depressive disorder (MDD) nearly every day during the same 2-week period.

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