Power Through the Dog Days of Summer!

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Do you find yourself focusing more on where you’d rather be than the work in front of you? Are you prone to constantly checking your clock, the weather or your Facebook page, watching as time seems to move slower during the summer months? It can be hard to stay on task when you’d rather be outside, so it is important to find ways to stay productive at work.

Here are a few great ways to stay focused when you’re stuck indoors:

  1. Plan Sunshine Breaks

    Instead of spending your time looking longingly out the window, enjoy a beautiful summer day by planning small breaks to get outside. A mid-morning walk could help reinvigorate your day or consider eating lunch outside with your coworkers. Another option is to have a walking meeting with your team in lieu of a conference room meeting.

  2. Continue to Dress for Success

    If you are dressed too casual during the summer months, you may be too relaxed to work. Ditch the shorts and flip flops and stick to your routine work attire. When you look professional, you feel professional – and you might find that it’s easier to get work accomplished.

  3. Indulge in Small Summer Pleasures

    You don’t have to let the simple joys of summer pass you by while stuck under fluorescent lights. Identify a few of your summertime favorites and incorporate them into your work week. If you love the taste of summer barbecue, bring a hot dog, corn on the cob and watermelon to work as your lunch. Consider taking a break to walk to an ice cream truck for a small snack. If your schedule is flexible, consider accommodating to leave early to go to a summer festival or local activity.

  4. Stay Hydrated

    Dehydration could play a role in making it hard to stay focused. While an iced coffee may help beat the summer heat, caffeine also dehydrates you. Drinking water not only hydrates but also helps flush toxins from your body. It will help you keep a clear mind to stay motivated at work.

  5. Revisit Your Goals

    Refocus on your work by remembering why you’re doing it in the first place. If you set annual goals for yourself, take a look at your progress. If you are particularly unmotivated, consider making a short-term goal for the week or month, broken down into daily goals that will help you to complete them. It’s much easier to stay motivated if you have a game plan ahead of time.

  6. Plan a Vacation

    Plan a summer getaway or staycation to unplug and recharge. Be sure to set a clear boundary between your work and personal life so you can take a break and get back to your usual productive self upon returning. If you must check in or answer email, limit yourself to being in work mode for a set limited time.

As you roll through these long summer months, consider trying these ideas to help you stay motivated. Utilize these six tips to increase your productivity levels during the dog days of summer. If any of life’s challenges are keeping you from your full potential, contact your EFR EAP today! Visit efr.org to learn more.