Reduce Sick Days by 28%

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With the current economic landscape causing higher health care costs, employee wellness is of upmost importance. For many companies, health costs use up 50 percent or more of their corporate profits.  In fact, the indirect costs of poor health, such as an absence from work and reduced work productivity, can result in two or three times the amount of direct medical costs.

May is Employee Health & Fitness Month, and with employers continually trying to lower their health care costs, now is a perfect time for them to promote employee wellness programs. These programs are simply a valuable tool for cutting health care expenses. Proactive approaches to wellness are now widely accepted as both cost-effective and necessary for successful benefits programs. One study found that at least one-fourth of health care costs incurred by working adults are attributed to changeable health risks, such as tobacco use, diet, and lack of exercise.

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  1. Robert Ebitz
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    So many articles every year at this time about sickness and germs.

    One thing that is constantly missed is the persons drink container at work. The drink containers are open to anything floating in the area, dust, germs, bug dirt, dead skin cells, coughs and sneezes, on and on.

    It’s so easy to put a lid on that cup, mug, glass and reduce taking in of foreign stuff by drinking it. The drink container needs to be completely covered, no holes, straws or slippy lids.

    Google drink container protector and many will pop up.

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