Safety First

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When you exercise you likely think about safety from a physical fitness standpoint but what about protecting your identity? If you’re bringing valuables into a gym, fitness center, or yoga studio, are you keeping an eye on them, locking them up, or leaving them unattended?

From your phone to your wallet to your gym bag, a lot of what’s important goes with us to workout. Depending on the type of workout and setting, it may be difficult to know where your possessions are at all times. Here are some helpful hints to spare you stress during your workout:

  • Lock up your valuables. A padlock costs a few dollars but losing your identity to theft can cost you everything.
  • If the place you exercise doesn’t have lockers, bring only what you need and keep it in eyesight.
  • Don’t leave your phone or wallet in public places like shoe cubbies or other storage spaces.
  • If keeping things in your car, make sure your car is locked and items hidden from passersby.

Theft can occur anywhere and at any time. Don’t let a small overlook in safety ruin your workout!

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