Stay Motivated

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Is it difficult to get motivated or stay motivated when it comes to eating healthier or moving more? If you’re nodding your head yes, you are not alone. For those who set New Year resolutions, come February they’re either patting themselves on the back or considering throwing all their good intentions by the wayside.

If you are on track, way to go! Notice how your accomplishments and new lifestyle make you feel and use that as motivation to keep on keepin’ on. For the many that feel like goals will never be met or sights were set too high, don’t give up. Instead, consider reframing your resolution by asking yourself three questions:

Does this goal reflect the real me, the person I am at my core?
Does this goal make me feel good about myself?
Will I enjoy the process that leads me to my desired outcome?

Whether you’re on track or have lost sight of what you want for 2017, those three questions will always bring you back to reality.

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