What steps is your company taking to ensure your employees are appreciated and engaged?

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One way to create a supportive atmosphere at your business is to consider implementing a Gambling in the Workplace Policy. This not only addresses potential issues of concern regarding gambling in the workplace but also provides a safeguard to those employees who may be struggling with their gambling.

Did you know? Gambling has recently been recognized as a brain disease and is categorized as a Substance-Related and Addictive Disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual 5 (DSM 5).

An essential element of maintaining a supportive and engaging workplace is to establish guidelines and expectations that address potential workplace hazards. It is important that workplaces understand that gambling can be problematic and may impact the overall wellbeing of the company. By implementing a gambling component into your current workplace policy you will be setting boundaries, expectations, and supports that work to keep you and your employees healthy.

So what can your company do to engage employees on the topic of problem gambling?

  • Provide talking points to Human Resources so they know how to have appropriate conversations with staff who may disclose a gambling problem
  • Post fliers and send email blasts to staff and share updated gambling information on ways to seek help if they or a loved one are in need of support
  • Schedule a company training that highlights the need for a gambling policy
  • Hold a team meeting that addresses if there is a gambling culture in the workplace and develop ways to address the activity
  • Promote your company Employee Assistance Program
  • Talk to an Employee & Family Resources Prevention Specialists to get the tools your company needs to begin implementing a gambling policy

To learn more about the Gambling in the Workplace Policy please contact Employee & Family Resources at 515.471.2327.

Employee & Family Resources is here to serve you. Our work focuses on reducing the negative consequences of substance abuse and problem gambling through grants from the Iowa Department of Public Health. As a leader and innovator in the field of human services, Employee & Family Resources is dedicated to helping people manage life’s challenges so they can reach their full potential. EFR is a highly valued resource delivering prevention, intervention, and treatment services that support and enhance the health and wellbeing of individuals, families, and communities by providing professional and culturally competent services within three dedicated branches of EFR: Community Services, Substance Abuse Services and Workplace Services. To learn more about ERF visit us at www.EFR.org.

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