Rob Hohmann – Cottingham & Butler

In 2011, Cottingham & Butler transitioned the EAP program from EFR to ComPsych. The transition was a result of receiving an EAP program from ComPsych that was included with the life and disability insurance benefits at no additional cost to C&B. This allowed the amount that was being spent on the EAP program to be used to offset the health plan cost increases being passed on to the employees.

When the EAP program was provided by EFR, employees provided little feedback, but the feedback that was provided was positive. When the EAP program was transitioned to ComPsych, employees provided more feedback and that they were not as satisfied with the program. With the amount of dissatisfaction with the ComPsych program and the increased importance of providing a robust program that was valued by our employees, C&B implemented the same EAP program with EFR that was in place back in 2011.

EFR has been very good to work with throughs he implementation process. They assisted with employee communication materials and came on-site to fully describe all of the benefits of the program with the supervisors in the company. The supervisors were able to learn how to best use the EAP program with their employees and identify situations when a referral may be most helpful.

Additionally, during the implementation process EFR offered their services above and beyond the contracted agreement when two Cottingham & Butler employees experienced deaths in their immediate family. EFR not only extended their services prior to the contract start date, but added providers to their network once they learned employees were interested in accessing providers outside of their current network. The additional accommodations were greatly appreciated!