Tips to Reducing Holiday Stress

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Best wishes from staff at EFR who have offered to share some of their own stress‐less holiday tips with you. Add your own, too!

1.Purchase gifts all year long – wrap, label, and store until needed.

2. Shop during your lunch hour so evenings are less complicated.

3. Use technology – ecards or free holiday card apps – to send holiday cards and letters.

4. Be selective and put your energy into things that give you energy back.

5. Make more of an effort to smile at people and make eye contact. When people smile back, it lifts the spirits.

6. Encourage the kids to limit activities so the holidays are less frantic. Promote holiday downtime and quality family time when possible.

7. Try to do one thing every day that YOU want to do – this is especially important for people who are caregivers.

8. Try to stick with regular exercise. Exercise relieves stress and is energizing.

9. Have family members set a dollar amount to donate to an “Adopt a Family in Need” program. This eliminates the shopping frenzy and promotes feelings of good will.

10. Work out a spending budget for gifts and celebrating, then stick to the budget.

11. Some of the best and least expensive gifts are family pictures in hand crafted frames.

12. Ask family members if they would like to buy inexpensive gag or token gifts and contribute money to a vacation fund instead. Choosing a destination could become a fun holiday tradition.

13. Give of yourself. Volunteer for a charity or participate in a seasonal event to help others, i.e. Toys for Tots, Make‐a Wish Foundation.