Training, Leadership Coaching

With its reputation for high quality, outcome-based services, EFR is looked to for its expertise in developing the needs of new supervisors and experienced managers. Our workplace consultants offer professional training and education seminars covering a wide range of issues impacting productivity in today’s workplace. These seminars are offered in a variety of training formats including on-site sessions and live webinars, with a combination of lecture, discussion, experiential exercises, and/or visual aids to provide flexible, mobile, and cost-effective training.

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Drug-Free Workplace Supervisor Training

View the Upcoming Events page to find Drug-free Workplace Supervisor Training dates. These sessions are available without cost through our comprehensive Prevention grant, and provide information regarding the prevalence of drug and alcohol abuse, the related cost to employers, what constitutes reasonable suspicion of drug or alcohol abuse, the referral of employees who abuse alcohol or other drugs to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), and more.

Iowa Law (Section 730.5 Private Sector Drug-free Workplace) requires supervisors involved with drug and/or alcohol testing to complete 2 hours of initial training and 1 hour of annual training thereafter; these trainings fulfill these requirements. In addition, any supervisors interested in learning about how a Drug-Free Workplace can benefit your company are encouraged to attend.

Training sessions are available free to Polk, Dallas, Madison, Marion, Warren, and Jasper County employers/supervisors through our comprehensive Prevention grant. Employers outside of the listed counties must contact EFR Workplace Services to schedule the training for a fee.

Our Experienced Team

EFR’s team of seasoned, Master-degreed training professionals will offer practical knowledge and experience drawn from a wide range of disciplines pertinent to the emerging needs of your workforce including, human resources, organization, leadership and team development, conflict management, mental health awareness and violence prevention, wellness, and behavioral health.

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