True Colors at Work

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Imagine the people you interact with throughout your workday… do you notice some individuals may be noticeably organized and conscientious, others distracted and looking for adventure, some seem sensitive, some are involved with their family, friends, and community, while others are more private and independent in nature. We all have our own style, preference, and ways of operating. With such a variety of personalities, what can we do to appreciate unique differences so everyone can fulfill their particular goals in mutually satisfying, collaborative ways?

True Colors is a simple method for understanding behavior and what makes people tick. Using its concepts, the first step to fostering successful working relationships is to identify the dominant color style of yourself and others. When a person is at peak performance, they are using their skills, talents and natural preferences in positive resourceful ways. They have a sense of worth and self-respect, often referred to as positive self-esteem. When our inherent needs are being met, our behavior is positive and contributes to an overall productive work environment. Does your work fulfill your inherent needs? How can you make sure it does? What do you notice about others and the way they work?

Oranges “squeeze the juice” out of each moment. Opportunistic, their driving force is freedom. If they feel they do not have choices, they may just create some. Natural risk-takers, rules seem to be guidelines to aim for and are often flexible and negotiable. • Attributes: active, take charge, competitive, negotiator, spontaneous, performer (entertaining), multi-tasks • Values: freedom to express, practical application, hands-on activities, variety and choices, attention, stimulation and excitement, fun and play

Blues are “True Blue troopers,” their driving force is relationship. Before Blues make a decision, they check to determine how it will affect the people involved. They will go the extra mile, often putting the needs of others before their own. • Attributes: friendly, helpful, compassionate, considerate, cooperative, expressive, imaginative, creative • Values: being included, affirmation, compassion and friendship, being heard and sharing, outlet to help others, acceptance, friendship and connections

Golds regularly “set the gold standard” and strive to be as “good as gold.” Their driving force is responsibility. Conscientious, dependable individuals, they want to do the right thing, following established standards. • Attributes: prepared, reliable, on-time, appropriate, follows rules, detail oriented, organized • Values: knowing the plan, consistency , structure and rules, organization, responsibility, recognition, security

Greens are driven by competency. Naturally curious, they want knowledge and information and like to come up with solutions and systems for solving problems and inventing a better future. Preferring to keep their emotions to themselves they approach situations objectively. • Attributes: problem-solvers, independent, tenacious, selfassured, witty sense of humor, logical and analytical, creative, ingenious • Values: Competency, information and research, time to think and plan, efficiency, success, intellectual challenge, innovation, creative outlet