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Even when we think we’re being attentive and present, one distraction from a phone or tablet can get us off track and cause us to lose focus in the workplace and at home. According to various studies, Americans check their phones upwards of 150 times a day. If you think that’s a lot, take a moment to think about all the times you reach for your phone to check the time, turn off an alarm, take a photo, update your status, check your steps, etc.

While phones have become integral to daily life, don’t lose sight of what’s happening around you. During meetings or discussions with colleagues, be attentive to the conversation and try to resist checking your phone whenever it beeps or vibrates. Instead of taking a vacation and staying plugged in and connected to the office, let your colleagues and supervisors know you’ll be taking a step away in order to be refreshed upon return. When you’re exploring something new and exciting, look at it through your own eyes and not through the camera app on app on your phone.

It’s easy to forget common courtesy as it applies to phone use because so many of us have them and it’s become acceptable to constantly be on your phone. If you’re up for a challenge, put your phone aside for an hour, or two and see how much more present you can truly be.

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