Visions of Well-Being Danced in Their Heads

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If you’re like most Americans, when the ball dropped and the New Year rang you had at least a thought or intention to do something different this year. Maybe you went so far as to write it down. Maybe you told someone else or maybe you told the whole world via social media. For many, a new year brings new ideas and inspiration. I know a lot of people think deciding to do something different just because it’s a new year is silly or have a “why bother” mindset because of past failed attempts. While it is true that only about 8% of people actually achieve what they set out to do, does that mean everyone else who didn’t wasted their time? In my opinion, definitely not!

Whenever you have the motivation to make a change for the better, the time and thoughts spent pursuing self-care or self-improvement is time well spent. So what if you failed to reach the end goal? While it might not feel like you accomplished much you certainly did things along the way that improved your health.

Setting goals is largely about being mindful. Paying more attention to what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and how it makes you feel. Whether it’s exercise, eating, smoking, saving, or spending (I could go on but I’ll stop with the most common goals!), you’re likely paying more attention to your habits and choices than you were in the past. And that means you’re being more mindful!

At EFR we spent an afternoon vision boarding well-being in 2018. It was a fun way to capture people’s attention and mindset while energy levels were high and motivation was strong. Plus, who doesn’t like arts and crafts in the workplace!

Something like this can be done rather easily in your workplace and you can offer it as part of your wellness program! All you need is a space for people to connect, paper, scissors, glue, tape, markers, and magazines. I guarantee you have most materials necessary around the office or your home. And because of that, it’s a very cost-effective wellness program!

At EFR we listed different areas of life and encouraged people to choose a few to put on their vision board. The areas we thought of included: family, friends, faith, service, health, entertainment, arts, giving, travel, adventure, recognition, skills, knowledge, self-care, prosperity, success, community, environment, career, business, and inspiration. The nice thing about this activity is that people can customize to best fit where they are in the moment.

I encourage you to go outside the box with your wellness program in 2018 by offering activities like vision boarding in your workplace! EFR provides solutions to workplaces looking to make wellness a priority in the New Year! Visit to learn more.

Johanna Dunlevy, Wellness Manager