Topical Webinars

EAP Employee & Supervisor Orientation
Learn about EFR's Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Find out how easy it is to use the EAP and learn about the services provided to assist you!

Wellness Works
Learn why wellness matters in the workplace and how you can establish and a culture of healthy, productive employees.

Financial webinar
Learn the tips to stay financially healthy through the holidays.

Managing Work Stress
Stress is here to stay. Though stress is a normal part of daily life, sometimes the effects can seem overwhelming. This webinar offers practical ideas you can start using today to reduce work stress and gain more energy. In this webinar, you will learn 12 ways to reduce stress at work and become a life-long stress manager.

Managing Conflict
Unresolved workplace conflict can be very costly, while resolving workplace conflict can be both challenging and time consuming. During this webinar, participants will learn strategies for prevention and resolution of conflict, as well as communication skills to ensure any conflict that does arise is healthy, beneficial and offers an opportunity to learn.