At Employee and Family Resources we believe that wellness is more than being in shape, eating healthy, and being free from chronic disease. EFR emphasizes balance and well-being across the physical, emotional, intellectual, social, environmental, spiritual, financial, and occupational aspects of one’s life. When one area is out of balance or has been neglected it can be very difficult to maintain a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

The wellness benefit through EFR is a comprehensive and single-source solution for employee wellbeing and worksite wellness. Our wellness benefit goes hand in hand with our Employee Assistance Program: it focuses on promoting total well-being of employees which in turn increases productivity and improves engagement. It is designed to help your organization develop a culture of wellness that is inclusive and embraced by all employees.

Our wellness benefit serves organizations just getting started in wellness to those with robust and comprehensive programming in place. Our offerings include:

  • Better Living Website Portal
  • Behavioral Health Risk Assessments
  • Telephonic Health Coaching - Telephonic Health & Wellness Coaching is available for a variety of behavior changes including, but not limited to: Exercise which includes; Fitness Planning and Design, Weight Loss, Motivation. Nutrition which includes; Food Allergies and Sensitivities, Special Diets related Diabetes, Celiac Disease, Hypertension, Cholesterol, etc., Eating Healthy on a Budget. Also, General Nutrition Advice which includes; Stress Management, Tobacco Cessation, Diabetes Management, Cholesterol and Triglyceride Management, Hypertension Management.
  • Consultation and Strategic Planning
  • Culture Audit - EFR’s Wellness Culture Audit helps identify the best approach for your organization to create or enhance a culture of wellness in the workplace. Our audit encompasses multiple dimensions of wellness and includes separate questions for leadership teams and employees. The audit is taken online and helps create the vision and mission for your worksite wellness program.
  • Wellness Support and Collaboration
  • Monthly Wellness Motivators - EFR provides, in electronic format, 12 unique health and wellness Monthly Motivators creatively designed to engage employees in small, bite sized behavioral changes with the overall goal of creating sustainable lasting change and overall health improvement.
  • Quarterly Wellness Campaigns - EFR’s Quarterly Campaigns help engage your employees in healthy lifestyles that inspire behavior change across multiple dimensions of wellness. Each of the campaigns are created and drafted with the flexibility to implement in four, six, or eight-week sessions and with or without incentivizing.
  • Educational Seminars - Participants receive education through presentations provided either onsite or via webinar by a wellness consultant. A variety of programs include nutrition, tobacco cessation, sleep, stress management, exercise, physical activity and more. Presentations are approximately 45 minutes in length.
  • Professional Wellness Consultation – By adding the wellness benefit through EFR, you have access to wellness professionals insight, advice, and expertise through ongoing consultations. This will allow you to move your wellness program in the desired direction necessary to facilitate lasting behavior change.
  • Ongoing Communication - The EFR wellness benefit provides communication pieces to help you promote, facilitate, and evaluate your wellness programs. In addition to direct communication targeted to your employees, you will receive posters, table tents, and other advertising materials to keep wellness in the forefront of your workspace.

To learn more about why workplace wellness is important, watch this short video:

Wellness Resources

Meet Johanna Dunlevy

Johanna Dunlevy is the Wellness Manager for Employee and Family Resources. With over 12 years of worksite wellness experience, Johanna assists in the development of wellness programming in the workplaces of several of EFR’s Employee Assistance Program clients. Johanna specializes in wellness program development, design, implementation, and evaluation. In addition to providing wellness deliverables, Johanna helps identify ways organizations can create or enhance cultures of wellness which lead to optimal employee performance, retention, and work-life satisfaction. Johanna holds a BA from the University of Northern Iowa in Worksite Health Promotion and an MS in Adult Learning and Organizational Performance from Drake University. In addition to her role at Employee and Family Resources, Johanna is an adjunct faculty member at Grand View University.

EFR Wellness Testimonial

EFR’s wellness benefit has allowed us the opportunity to expand and diversify our wellness efforts throughout the organization. The customer service provided by EFR’s Wellness Director is unmatched. She has exceptional follow-through and provides a vast amount of knowledge and insight to support our wellness needs. I would highly recommend EFR’s wellness benefit to anyone looking to implement a simple and straightforward wellness solution.