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Increasing productivity. Promoting whole health. Managing crises. EFR helps organizations perform optimally. Our services grow healthy and focused employees and provide guidance in times of crisis. Today, over 700 companies trust EFR for confidential behavioral-health and wellness solutions through the EAP, training, leadership coaching, mediation and crisis response.

Our EAP (Employee Assistance Program) is a benefit that helps individuals and their families with issues affecting their day-to-day health and productivity including stress, anxiety, depression, relationships, substance abuse and legal and financial concerns.

Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Program

When your employees have life support, work success will follow. Employees distracted with real life problems need help. That's where we come in. Our EAP has played a very real part in saving lives, preventing accidents, helping people break the hold of addiction, keeping families whole, assisting victims of partner violence to safety, encouraging productive employees, helping managers sleep at night, resolving workplace conflict, and helping business thrive. Hundreds of organizations consider EFR's EAP to be a core part of their work because of the toll everyday life can have on performance and health. Through our EAP, your employees will be given the behavioral and emotional support they need to be successful at work.

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Better Living is your comprehensive and single-source solution for employee wellbeing and workplace culture. Designed to help your organization – and your employees – be better, Better Living focuses on impactful results: increased productivity and employee wellbeing and engagement.

Learn how the six dimensions of wellness can improve your overall wellbeing.

Training, Leadership Coaching, Mediation

Training, Leadership Coaching & Mediation

Today's work challenges require an integrated approach. Our Workplace Performance Solutions provide employers and individuals with the right tool or combination of tools for each workplace challenge. Together the three tools — training, leadership coaching and mediation — help play a critical role in organizational/leadership success.

Learn more about training, leadership coaching and mediation opportunities through EFR.

Crisis Response

Crisis Response

Unexpected crises can occur in the workplace. When your organization is affected by downsizing, accidents, robberies, death or other critical incidents, EFR has experienced crisis response professionals ready to help you respond. Our team will consult with your managers to plan an effective response tailored to your organization and the crisis at hand.

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Mental Health Awareness Training
The topic of mental health has been gaining attention nationwide. In the workplace, it is important to understand the importance of mental health, how to recognize it and how to refer for assistance. Learn more about EFR’s Mental Health Awareness Training.

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