Training, Leadership Coaching, Mediation

With its reputation for high quality, outcome-based services, EFR is looked to for its expertise in developing the needs of new supervisors and experienced managers. Our workplace consultants offer professional training and education seminars covering a wide range of issues impacting productivity in today’s workplace. These seminars are offered in a variety of training formats including on-site sessions and live webinars, with a combination of lecture, discussion, experiential exercises, and/or visual aids to provide flexible, mobile, and cost-effective training.

Our Experienced Team

EFR’s team of seasoned, Master-degreed training professionals will offer practical knowledge and experience drawn from a wide range of disciplines pertinent to the emerging needs of your workforce including, human resources, organization, leadership and team development, conflict management, mental health awareness and violence prevention, wellness, and behavioral health.

In 2012, EFR responded to requests for topical training assistance from over 40 different employers, including city and county governments, State of Iowa agencies, schools, colleges and universities, health care facilities, financial institutions, insurance companies, and manufacturers. During this same period, EFR consultants conducted 60 onsite trainings, attended by 2,029 supervisors and employees.

Training Catalog

For more information on training please view our training catalog. Click here to download the PDF version.

Manage Workplace Risk

In addition to their duties as trainers, each consultant on EFR’s team works with multiple employers to manage risk and workplace behavior. As a result, EFR offers your organization the benefit of their expertise in such areas as harassment prevention, diversity awareness, dealing with difficult employee behavior, conflict management, leadership coaching, the development of effective teams, and wellness promotion.

Applied Learning & Coaching Solutions

Consistent with its approach that’s focused on the practical application of classroom learning, EFR offers blended learning experiences to training attendees. Each can be offered the option of follow-up coaching conversations with one of EFR’s trained leadership coaches to assess their individual development needs and review how the training content can be applied to meet their needs. Together, training attendees and their coach identify goals for the future, discuss barriers, challenges, and possible solutions, and identify next steps to be accomplished.

A Training Leader

As a leader in the design and delivery of practical workplace performance training, consultation, and behavior management tools, our workplace consultants will work with you to develop a customized training curriculum for your organization’s managers and employees.

New Supervisor Development

EFR has a successful history of helping employees and managers succeed when faced with personal or professional change. Our business is people and performance. We’ll provide your organization’s emerging leaders with unique expertise as they work to become comfortable in their new roles and develop the skills they will need to help their teams succeed.

Training to Strengthen Existing Tools

If your organization already contracts with EFR’s Employee Assistance Program, then our team of workplace consultants are already available to offer 24/7 management consultation and support for employee behavior and human resource concerns. A significant benefit of the selection of EFR as your training provider will be to increase the visibility and use of the existing performance consultation and intervention support tools that your organization has already invested in.

EFR’s Training Approach

Let EFR bring an innovative focus to your organization’s training design. EFR’s training approach, featuring the practical application of learned skills via classroom learning and individual coaching follow-up, will return dividends when and where it counts, day in and day out, on the job, long after the classroom experience ends.

For information on upcoming trainings or to schedule training for your organization, send a message or call:

Thomas Farley, MPA, RLC
Employer Services Manager

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