Training Courses

EFR delivers innovative training services aimed at improving individual and organizational performance in the following core areas:

Leadership Development

EFR’s Leadership Development program is customizable for your top-level and front-line managers and executives. Our robust leadership programming provides building blocks and how-to skills training, to the art and science behind truly effective leadership.

Communication Skills

EFR’s Communication Skills training is packed with essential skills instruction and interactive, hands-on training that helps build confidence and encourages learning.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict can be enormously destructive to a work team or company, unless resolved quickly and thoughtfully. EFR’s Conflict Resolution training can help keep your team members on a path toward a healthy and respectful workplace.

Legal and compliance training offers supervisors a comprehensive knowledge base of applicable laws and principles essential for a workplace free of discrimination, harassment and retaliation.


The ability to adapt helps employees be less frustrated, reduces confusion in the workplace, clarifies roles and responsibilities, and ensures that deadlines are met. A change-ready organization is one that more consistently meets its goals.

Team Performance

While the concept of employee teams is not new, what is new is the deeper analysis of what makes teams work and how effective teams can be developed. EFR can assist organizations with team performance by providing coaching and guidance on team development, performance measurement, goals, motivation and building successful teams.


More than just good health, wellness includes a person’s physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual and environmental health. It’s evident and well-documented that employers are embracing wellness as a tool to manage health care costs and create higher performing workplaces. A solid wellness program helps improve employee wellbeing and workplace productivity.

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Mental Health Awareness Training
The topic of mental health has been gaining attention nationwide. In the workplace, it is important to understand the importance of mental health, how to recognize it and how to refer for assistance. Learn more about EFR’s Mental Health Awareness Training.

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