Johanna Dunlevy joined EFR as our Wellness Manager where she assists with the implementation of wellness in the workplaces of our EAP clients who have added the Wellness Benefit. She also oversees telephonic health coaching and designs wellness programs and educational materials. Johanna started her career in worksite wellness at Farm Bureau in 2004, was an account manager with Principal Wellness for 3 years and then the Assistant Director of Wellness at Drake University for almost 8 years. She continues to serve as an adjunct professor at Grandview University, teaching in the Kinesiology and Health Promotion Department. Johanna holds BA in Worksite Health Promotion from the University of Northern Iowa and an MS in Adult Learning and Organization Performance from Drake University. Outside of work she enjoys music—concerts and festivals, travel, Pilates, reading, writing and teaching at Grandview. She’s a Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer, POUND PRO, Certified Pilates Instructor and is a member of the American Council on Exercise.

Wellness – A comprehensive employee health benefit

EFR’s wellness benefit is a comprehensive and single-source solution for employee wellbeing and workplace culture. Designed to help your organization – and your employees – be better, the benefit focuses on impactful results: increased productivity and employee wellbeing and engagement.

Health and wellness services are combined with full-service Employee Assistance Program benefits to offer you wellbeing solutions, such as education, consultation, clinical support and coaching.

Program Components

Access to a counselor for support

Immediate phone access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and in-person counseling and referrals to additional resources as needed.

Behavioral Health Risk Assessments

As part of a holistic approach to wellbeing, we offer Behavioral Health Risk Assessments (BHRA) to our clients and their immediate family members. This is an opportunity for employees to assess their risk for 15 different behavioral health conditions and to get help where it may be needed most. Even if an individual does not have any behavioral health concerns, they may be surprised by the valuable insights this survey provides. Screening modules include areas such as drug, alcohol, depression, anxiety, tobacco, eating disorders, work impact and more.

Better Living Website Portal

EFR has developed an innovative, comprehensive and interactive wellness coaching website that provides education and links to credible health and wellness resources, a behavioral risk assessment, a healthy living checkup, incentive tracker, and tools for the health coaching experience.

Health Risk Assessments

Health Risk Assessments (HRA) are one of the most widely used screening tools in the field of health and wellness and are often the first step in a health promotion program. HRAs are available through EFR’s Better Living website portal. The organization receives aggregate reports and individuals receive their own comprehensive reports following the completion of the HRA.

Wellness Support and Collaboration

Our wellness consultant will partner with your organization’s wellness team or committee to planfully work toward achieving your culture of wellness. This collaboration will include support for best practices around employee survey, planned activities and campaigns, communication and promotional messaging.

Health and Wellness Promotion

Developing a culture of wellness requires ongoing communication and promotion of the program activities and goals. Participation in health and wellness fairs, campaigns, program rollout and orientation are an important part of the wellness consultant support and partnership.


Coaching is an effective and efficient telephonic resource for those seeking to make changes in life. Available to interested employees, coaching is meant for those looking to make improvements in the areas of health and wellbeing, time management, work-life balance, communication, stress management, personal growth and more. Coaching is individually focused and delivered by highly credentialed trained coaches with a variety of areas of expertise. When an employee calls into the EFR call center, they are partnered with a health and wellness professional and provided access to the coaching portal. Our unique, integrated coaching model brings wellness coaches and counselors together to help individuals reach sustainable behavior change. Coaching models include both client initiated available to all members, as well as, coach initiated to identified clients meeting risk or condition criteria.

Organizational Assessment, Consultation and Strategic Planning

EFR will work with your organization to determine the appropriate level of wellness programming for your organization. The consultation emphasizes strategies for achieving overall wellbeing, including assessment, implementation, and the development of a culture of wellness. EFR’s Organizational Consultant will provide a written summary of key points and direction, timeline and goals for the organization to grow and enhance a culture of wellness.

Health Education

More in-depth education can be an effective component to impact change. Ongoing, multiple-session education such as Healthy Eating Every Day and US Diabetes Conversation Map are examples of more extensive health education options.

Educational Presentations

Participants receive education through presentations provided either onsite or via webinar by a wellness consultant. A variety of programs include nutrition, tobacco cessation, sleep, stress management, exercise, physical activity and more. Presentations are approximately 45 minutes in length.

Health & Wellness Professionals

Are you looking for an opportunity to be a part of EFR’s Better Living provider network? Please visit our Prospective Network Providers page for more information and a list of qualifications.

Wellness Works (Webinar)

Wellness Works – August 2015

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