EFR – We’re here to prevent life’s challenges…and to help you manage life’s challenges when you are in need of that support.

Your contribution can make a real difference to individuals in our community who are in need of EFR’s counseling services, but who cannot afford assistance when they most need it.

Although EFR does receive some fees for its services (via its Employee Assistance Program or via programs available on a sliding income scale), often these fees do not cover the cost of the help that EFR provides.

Your donation will provide the funding EFR needs to continue to provide a safety net for individuals who are faced with the difficult choice of meeting life’s most basic needs or getting the help that they most desperately are in need of.

Our Success Stories

Student Assistance Program

Our son Owen developed anxiety and began displaying concerning behaviors early in elementary school. Undiagnosed and untreated, he was struggling to keep up with grade-level expectations, he was having trouble making and keeping friends, and his behavior even led to out-of-school suspensions on several occasions.

A diagnosis of ADHD and anxiety, and resulting prescriptions and therapy, helped improve his situation quite drastically. However, as his relationship with his original therapist deteriorated, he started to refuse to speak to her and would run from therapy. With no therapy in place, some of his struggles began to re-surface. At the suggestion of his school counselor, we contacted EFR and he began seeing an SAP counselor there. He connected extremely well with his new counselor, and he got back on track.

As he began a new school year, he had turned a corner and has had the best school year yet! He is getting good grades, he has made new friends, and he often tells us how he loves going to school, something we never thought we’d hear him say.

Without the help he has received, he would inevitably continue to struggle and fall behind. Instead, he now has an incredibly positive outlook. We could not be more thankful for the resources of EFR.



Para Ti

I came to the Para Ti Counseling Program after my husband was killed in a car accident. It was a very difficult and confusing time for me and my family. Throughout our marriage, I suffered physical and emotional abuse that my children witnessed. He was the breadwinner in our family. I was very worried about how I would support my family after his death.

My Para Ti counselor helped me and my children work through our grief- we had such mixed emotions. I was able to process my changing role in the family with my counselor which really helped me gain the confidence to get a job, access some public assistance for my family, and start taking better care of myself. Now I am working, taking English and computer classes, exercising regularly, and am able to be a good mom to my children.

“ Rosa ”


Access To Recovery

My addiction had left me homeless, mentally broken, abused and near death. I was afraid and confused. Lost and hopeless after ten years of using meth. I couldn’t care for myself or be there for my two sons at all. Nothing else was important – just getting high.

I knew I wanted to get sober because I wanted to die every day while using this drug. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore. An overdose wasn’t the scary part; suicide was my reality to the end of this vicious turmoil that was my life.

I was arrested for a serious felony drug charge and sent to a treatment facility. When I began to feel my values coming back into perspective, to what I had been raised to know, my motivation and hope for my future began to take me to a life of happiness and hope that I’d never felt before.

You don’t get over an addiction by stopping using. You recover by creating a new life where it is easier to not use. If you don’t create a new life, then all of the factors that brought you to your addiction will catch up with you again. While I was willing to do the work, I found organizations willing to invest in my progress and help me to gain responsibility and community connections, like EFR’s Access to Recovery (ATR) Program. Without such an intense two month inpatient treatment facility and transportation from ATR I wouldn’t have made it this far.

I celebrated a year of sobriety this year and my moral compass is now facing the right direction. I am happy and continue to work hard and solve problems like a grown-up who knows how to function correctly. It’s very special and very real and very rewarding.

Life is worth living.